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In 1994 Elizabeth Soper started a private social work practice from a small room under her house in Takapuna, Auckland.

It began with the belief that all people have abilities, different but always present. That all people have rights and responsibilities; that all people given dignity and respect are allowed to bloom and grow in their own way. That people with creative abilities must have control over their own lives, be the conductor of their own supporting team, so they can secure interdependence.

Over the past 20 years Creative Abilities & Associates Ltd have expanded from a small social work and advocacy service to supporting people of all ages to live in houses of their own where 24 hour care is provided. Today, Creative Abilities has a multi-cultural team of around 110 people who are dedicated to providing a range of services.

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About Us

Skills Highway Award

In 2012 Creative Abilities was a proud entrant in The Skills Highway Award which was one of eight categories of the EEO Trust 2012 Work & Life Awards. The award celebrates workplaces that can show how they have helped improve their employees’ reading, writing, maths and communication skills, and consequently improved business outcomes. Since 2012 Creative Abilities have offered literacy training to team members and had fantastic results.

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Careerforce is New Zealand’s Health and Community Support Services Industry Training Organisation. Careerforce qualifications are designed specifically for trainees who are working or volunteering in health, aged support, mental health, disability, social services, youth work, cleaning and urban pest management. Many Creative Abilitie’s employees hold Careerforce qualifications in the Health & Disability sector, while others are currently studying towards a qualification. Use the links below to see stories about Creative Abilities that Careerforce have published.


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Careerforce - Creating Egypt at Creative Abilities

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Creative Abilities are accredited for ISO9001 through Telarc and NZS8134 and NZS8158 with the MOH. Tertiary status for WSMP (Workplace Safety Management Practices) with ACC has also been attained.

Telarc Registered MOH Certified ACC Workplace Saftey