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Working For Us

Creative Abilities is an exciting place to work where you can really make a difference in the lives of people.

Our purpose at Creative Abilities is to create new and enhanced environments for life. By providing respect and dignity to each individual, they are empowered to be interdependent.

Creative Abilities is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

We are always interested in hearing from people who enjoy caring for people with physical and/or intellectual impairments.

Please feel free to browse our Current Vacancies on the QJumpers Website. 

Working For Us - Daphne

This is what some of our staff have to say about working for Creative Abilities:

"Almost 5 years working in the company is a wonderful journey and experience. Being the first recipient of the Matthew Emanuel Memorial Award in 2013 was a great fulfilling experience. The award meant the company recognised my hard work, commitment and love for my job. Creative Abilities is a wonderful organisation to work for."  - Coleen Martinez – Life & Wellbeing Team Leader

"I have been given the opportunity to work in the Gym here at Creative Abilities which has given me an opportunity to motivate our clients and to support them to plan and achieve their goals. It makes me proud when our clients commit to their programmes and celebrate their successes. I was blown away when I was chosen for the Special Recognition Award in 2016 and felt humbled and honoured to receive this prestigious recognition. I continue to learn and grow everyday which is the best part of my job"  - Lucky Grewal – Disability Rehabilitation Assistant Gym Supervisor

"I feel very honoured to have received a special recognition award in 2014; it is great to be acknowledged for my work at Creative Abilities. Working here has given me many opportunities to meet people, I feel humbled by their caring and generous natures. The clients are like my family, I love them so much. When we lose a client it breaks my heart. I am committed to working with them, caring for them and helping them to lead the best lives they can. Bless them all!"  - Ehlar Collins – Life & Wellbeing Supporter

"No matter how I am feeling in the morning, once the clients start coming in I feel better; they lift my spirits, my heart and outwardly my smile."  - Daphne Gledhill – Receptionist / Centre Administrator