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welcome to creative abilities

We are a dedicated team of Caregivers who put our heart into working alongside people who have physical and/or intellectual impairments. For 25 years we’ve been family owned and operated, delivering care. with heart. and assisting individuals to live life their way.


our purpose

Enriching Lives! Inclusive Community.

We provide our clients (and their families) individualised quality and meaningful opportunities to: socialise, recreate, live interdependently, achieve personal aspirations and contribute to their community in a variety of ways.


we believe

Everyone has the right to live life, their way; in an inclusive community. To have choice and control over the things that matter to them. To be able to enjoy enriching experiences and make connections - with a support crew that puts their heart into it.


our services

Creative Abilities are proud to offer a wide range of quality services to clients of diverse ages and abilities.

supported / community living & flexible care

recreation, health and wellbeing

personal development and advocacy

enriching community experiences and connections